The Farmstead

There is a place in Tuscany where Nature’s rhythm marks the passing of the hours, where everything is genuine and authentic as in times gone by.

A stone countryhouse steeped in charm and history still today bears witness to all its former splendour. Welcome to Podere di Moiata, where in an enchanting farmhouse deep in the countryside a stone’s throw from Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, you will discover the intimate hospitality of Tuscany and enjoy an exclusive stay in apartments with kitchen facilities or bedrooms with private SPA.

To spend an unforgettable vacation immersed in the most beautiful Tuscan countryside, pampered by exclusive services like private saunas and hammams in your room is surely a dream come true.

To offer these dedicated services to our guests is something unique for us, something we felt strongly about during the extensive, careful restoration of the Podere.

Accommodation up to 30 persons

124 hectares private park

apartments or room with private saunas

apartments or room with private hammam

Conference Room for 14

The Ways of well-being: Wellness area, relaxing space, mini-pool WaterSuite, massage service

The eco-sustainable renovation of the farmstead was carried out along the principles of bio-architecture and bio-building techniques, using natural materials such as stone, wood, and plasterings in raw clay, lime and natural water paints.

The materials used and the wisely matched colour combinations during the renovation process are all-in-one with the texture of the natural surroundings.

To witness the rebirth of the ancient Podere di Moiata to its former splendour was our long-time dream come true.

On request, the Podere di Moiata may be rented exclusively to re-create a “Podere” of times gone by with the Casa Colonica, the Fienile and the inner courtyard as a single dwelling for families and groups of friends for special occasions such as weddings or private parties.

The property can comfortably accommodate up to 30 persons in 10 bedrooms and sofa beds. Every room has its own bathroom (of which 3 with private finnish saunas and 3 with private hammams).

Reservations for Podere di Moiata exclusively are on request.

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