The Ways to Well-being

- A world of emotions -

Relax & Massages

An exclusive area on the ground floor of the Casa Colonica

your peace of mind

Welcome to a spacious Relaxation Area with wall mirrors and soft cushions! Listen to your favourite music, lie down, let yourself go, sip a soothing herbal tea.
Celebrate a special occasion, family party, hen & stag parties or simply come to be pampered: The Ways to Well-being awaits you for countless emotions so blissful that you will want to try them again and again.

We strongly felt the need to dedicate a special space adjacent to the Relaxation Area where life’s frantic pace is barred from entry, where one can become intimate once more with the rhythm of one’s body and the cycle of nature surrounding the Podere di Moiata. We wanted to restore water as a central element of wellness. Let us proudly introduce you to our Watersuite, a heated mini-pool with chromotherapy, a natural spring and “Air Milk” treatment. Welcome to The Ways to Well-being.

Relaxation Area

- a special space dedicated to relaxation and well-being -


The rituals of our Ways of Well-being vary according to our Guests’ choices and are based on the virtues of our home produced Olive Oil which, enriched with drops of essential Oils of top-notch quality, confers a unique aromatherapy experience.
Reservation for your chosen ritual is required.

Light massage with precious organic essential Oils.
It produces deep and lasting levels of relaxation to reduce feelings of stress.

60 min. – € 80
90 min. – € 105

Need to re-charge your batteries? Treat yourself to the latest trend in well-being, the energizing massage which will stimulate your energy centres, all possible due to a strongly energizing essential Oil.

60 min. – € 80
90 min. – € 105

The aim of this massage is to loosen muscle contraction and to ease tension.
The use of essential Oils amplifies soothing results.

60 min. – € 80
90 min. – € 105

Choose this year’s novelty with heated basalt stones. Behold the Hot Stone Massage, ageless wellness ritual. To highlight its effect we add Olive Oil and essential Oils.

60 min. – € 80
90 min. – € 105


We invite you to step inside our WaterSuite where water flows from a small waterfall. Enjoy a water massage by floor jets reproducing a natural spring. It induces lasting effects of deep relaxation and stimulation of blood circulation. This ritual is enhanced by underwater chromotherapeutic light effects.

From Rose to Purple

The colour of the spirit, associated with intuition. It helps the lymphatic system and stimulates the right hemisphere which determines creativity, artistic inspiration, meditation and spirituality

From Orange to Red

The colour of energy, heat, joy, vitality, love, passion, renewal and interior enlightment. It regulates breathing, it conveys happiness and creativity


The colour of the sun, of light, of daylight. It’s the symbol of clarity and enlightment. It stimulates the digestive system and increases concentration


Freshness, spring and rebirth. Green is the symbol of stability, balance, resistance and health.
It stimulates internal balance, it counters insomnia and fatigue

Light blue

The colour of the sky, the sea, of quietness, harmony, depth, silence. It reduces blood pressure and regulates respiratory flows, it favours inner peace


Air Milk Treatment

Besides the natural spring, you may choose the “Air Milk” treatment for a profound cell oxygenation. By introducing countless minescule oxygen particles into the water it becomes milky white and silky smooth. Owing to the bio-revitalizing properties of oxygen, an Air Milk treatment restores muscle tone and stimulates skin hydration. Oxygen has a detoxifying effect, it helps to revitalize a stressed-out body and eliminates free radicals, responsible for skin aging.

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