Cooking Courses

- Reveal the chef in you at the stove -

If you love Tuscan cuisine, don’t miss this exclusive opportunity! The courses are held by our chef Cristian Borchi who, unlike many of his colleagues, is delighted to share his secrets with you.

You may choose from a short course, a single two-hour lesson, or a course with several lessons over a maximum of five days to gain comprehensive knowledge of everything there is to know about good Tuscan cooking. Courses are held mornings or afternoons in the huge kitchen of the Casa Colonica in the Podere di Moiata.

Lessons will cover every aspect of Tuscan Cooking:

Each course costs € 100.00 per person; two courses cost € 200.00 per person. The cost of a cycle of 3, 4, or 5 courses is € 80.00 per person for each lesson. Minimum 2 participants.

The cost of each course includes: 2 hour lesson with our Chef Cristian Borchi. During the course, participants will have the opportunity to practice all aspects of the preparation; recipes of the lesson; tasting, during the course, of the dishes prepared.

The cost of each course does not include table service: if the tasting is served at the table a supplement of € 10.00 per person will be charged; each diner joining participants for the only tasting of the dishes prepared will be charged € 25.00.

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