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Yoga in the Park

- Taking back your core self -

It’s incredible how the simple act of putting our bare feet on the ground can give us such a sense of well-being. We feel a harmony with the magnetism of the earth, and we release all of our pent up tensions.

If you add a well-structured course to all of this, you will discover that with feet firmly planted on the ground you will touch the sky with a finger.

Choose the Yoga practice is best for you:

Hatha Yoga for beginners
90 minutes
1 o 2 persons € 80,00

Power Yoga for those with prior yoga experience
90 minutes
1 o 2 persons € 80,00

Fitness Yoga + “Breath Walking” for those with prior yoga experience
120 minuti
1 o 2 persons € 130,00

Prenatal Yoga
90 minutes
1 o 2 persons € 80,00

Moving in harmony with Nature

If you love yoga, it won’t be difficult for you to imagine what it is like to do it under the century-old oak or olive trees of our estate. If you have never experienced anything like this, now is the time to try it. Podere di Moiata is the ideal place for a full experience of the subtle sensations that yoga releases within us.

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We are happy to inform that from June 18th we will open Podere di Moiata.
We are ready to welcome you, taking care as always of every single detail and offering the best experience for a safe and pleasant stay.

The freshest you’ve ever tasted delivered to your room

Following the unpredictable situation, the “Laboratorio Gastronomico” of the L’Olivaia Restaurant at Villa Campestri is active for deliveries to your room or apartment at the Podere di Moiata.

We are pleased to bring in front of your door the breakfast basket from 7.30 to 10.30 and the dinner of the day from 19 to 20.30.

Service is upon reservation. You can choose the relative option on the online booking system of the site

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